An ‘Allstar’ is born…

Cheerobics® Master Trainer

allstarAt Fitness Northwood we are proud to announce that not only have we had Davide as the first man to teach Cheerobics in the UK, but thanks to his commitment to promote this new brand of fitness, he has now fully accepted the role of Master Trainer and Regional Reps for the UK. Drum roll please as we announce our UK ALLSTAR: Davide *o/*

Jessica Zoo, creator and CEO of Cheerobics® says: “Davide has been teaching Cheerobics® for almost 2 years and his enthusiasm and commitment to the programme has been undeniable. Receiving a perfect 100% score in his Theory examinations and also some of the top marks ever achieved in a Practical exam. Davide has shown us that Cheerobics® is really for anyone who wants to pursue the dream of being a cheerleader, and we are very excited to have him represent the UK” *o/*

So rustle up your pompoms and be ready for a new Cheerobics® challenge coming back on Sunday 4th May!

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