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Pompoms + Aerobics = Fat Burning Fun! Cheerobics® is the unique fitness programme that combines aerobics and cheerleading techniques, with the fun of pompoms!

Not designed as a regular “cheerleading” class, Cheerobics® is designed to improve your fitness whilst having lots of fun. It is aimed at all fitness & skill levels, as well as all age groups so everyone is welcome at Cheerobics® in Pinner! Cheerobics® is the latest fitness programme that is taking the UK by storm, with classes appearing in over 100 locations from Since 2011, a DVD launch and numerous features in fitness and lifestyle magazines such as Women’s Fitness and Grazia. So hurry and pick up your pompoms!

At Cheerobics® in Pinner, it is not just about waving pompoms (even though let’s face it, that’s the best part!). You will be surprised at how much your body will be working: the average Cheerobics class will get you burning up to 700 calories! Cheerobics® is the ONLY cheerleading workout which is officially recognised as a fitness programme, so get ready to SWEAT!

The routine and the exercises are designed for you to remember the steps easily whether you’re a beginner or a pro, and have been developed to maximise the workout potential through fat-burning aerobics workout whilst toning your muscles. All this, whilst shaking pompoms and grooving to the latest party tunes!


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