Fitness Sicilia – Reloaded (Part 2)


During last month we surveyed our participants of Fitness Sicilia 2013, asking them to share their individal memories on our very first Fitness Holiday experience at Zumba Northwood. We are actually laughing out loud as we type these! Let us take you back to the fun times. Here are the questions and hopefully this year you will be able to experience the fun yourself. Fitness Toscana 2014 is coming soon, still some places available, don’t be reading about it next spring and regret not being there, come with us and live it!

2. Could you share with us the funniest moment you remember from the Holiday?

diveZ: “The tandem pool dive with Davide, Sue and B!”

J: “When one of the waiters came and danced Zumba with us one evening, he was all over the place, I laughed so much!”

balanceM: “I managed to break the lock of our apartment’s front door within an hour of my arrival. We couldn’t get in until it was sorted and it took a while.  The villa owner said it has never happened before, there’s always a first time”

B: “M&B watching the doggy soap opera at 3 in the morning!”


R: “you know it’s illegal to do that in the streets”  ?!?

M: “Davide doing the grand jeté jump in my dance class!” Ahah oh well, thank you!

Sue: “The Halle Berry and James Bond sea emergence”

Davide: “A. going solo on Sentao after-dinner party and ending in en epic night pool jump in full clothes!

B: “When all the group stopped for a moment to do a Beto Shuffle Zumba move in the Etna crater

E: “I think doing some Zumba on Mount Etna was pretty funny.”

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