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During last month we surveyed our participants of Fitness Sicilia 2013, asking them to share their individal memories on our very first Fitness Holiday experience at Zumba Northwood. We are actually laughing out loud as we type these! Let us take you back to the fun times. Here are the questions and hopefully this year you will be able to experience the fun yourself. Fitness Toscana 2014 is coming soon, still some places available, don’t be reading about it next spring and regret not being there, come with us and live it! (Read part 2 here)

1. What were your three most memorable experiences of Fitness Sicilia 2013?


Z: “The boat ride, climbing the mountain, good company”

J: “The company, the food, the exercise”

M: “Getting closer with Zumba mates, meeting new friends, dancing as much as I wanted in beautiful Sicily”

B: “Villa di Bella, the sunshine, dancing”
aqua zumba

B: “Fitness in the sun, food and party in the evening, seeing Sicilia, Mount Etna, Taormina and beach.”

R: “The people, the people, the people”

etnaM: “Team, Sun and Relax”

E: “Friends, Fun and Fitness”

Sue: “A phone call request for Zumba porn, L&J trying not to laugh whilst the rest of us tried to speak without words in the contemporary dance class, Davide attempting the “time of your life” water pose whilst drowning Margot

balance 2Davide: “Aqua Zumba in an outdoor pool under the sun, Bodybalance under the palm trees, approaching the beach restaurant for our last meal at sunset”




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Do you wanna know about the funniest memory about the holiday? Find our holiday best moment video and read our participants’ answers at Question no 2 here

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