INTENSITY, can your poms handle it?

gruppoAfter three weeks of break, we are back with a burst of energy as our new Gwen Stefani’s routine will make your arms and shoulders toned and stronger than ever! Davide has included some of the new Cheerobics® INTENSITY™ moves to bring to you guys a new level of workout, focusing on lower body and core, still having lots of fun with our White and Blue quintessential pompoms.

Davide has been involved in the launch of the new Cheerobics® website as part of his new jobs as ALLSTAR™ why don’t you check it out? It includes some juicy videos and the latest in Cheerobics wear, they’re all shown here.

Cheerobics® is on every SUNDAY morning 11.30am in Pinner ¦ Be fit, be a cheerleader

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