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Zumba® and Empowerment

Here at Zumba Northwood we are always looking for more fun and ways to update our classes, but we don’t wanna do it without you guys! June will be a special month for London fitness events, as two of the best fitness presenters are in town. Naomi di Fabio and Donna Giffen (Davide and Sue’s inspirational teachers) will be hosting two amazing events and we want you guys to come with us!

Naomi’s Fitmalion event (15th June) is in aid of WomanKind Worldwide with several different classes including Zumba® of course and some new branded workouts that we cannot wait to try. Here all info and here a little video of what Fitmalion is

Featuring one of the UK’s leading instructors Donna Giffen ZES, alongside two of Mexico’s top instructors Davo Garcia and Alexi Montes. Their masterclass (14th June) will be three hours long only for Zumba warriors and ZumbaWear addicts. Here all info

Zumba Northwood will definitely be there to enjoy these days, we cannot wait to see you there! In the pic below our last Zumba Toning Masterclass together – So much fun!

may toning

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