Sue’s Corner – April

sue 2Love and Party

This new Zumba track after the warm up is all about the party! I found the inspiration from a video posted on Youtube which shows Zumba instructors from 27 different countries dancing to the same song sharing their thoughts on why Zumba is so special to each of them. I love our classes at Zumba Northwood because they’re so much fun and best of all, I get to share the laughter and Zumba love with all of you, so when you hear the words of the song *Love and Party* sing out loud with me.

The video below is the holiday version of the same song and we’ll be singing this all the way to Tuscany. Here are the words to the chorus if you want to sing along. Click on the picture and enjoy the party!

Una guitarra que haga ring ring / Tambor que suene boom boom / Las palmas que hagan cla cla / Love and party

…or in plain English: “A guitar goes ring ring / drums go boom boom / the palms go clap clap / Love and party

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