Sue’s Corner – June 2014

Who needs an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes?

Zumba® and Cheerobics® are both high impact fitness programmes. High impact moves occur when in a moment of time both of your feet are off the floor, opposite to low impact option where one foot always stays on the floor. Every jump is a shock to your body but in a good way, helping to build strong bones, raising the level of bone mineral density, protecting us from osteoporosis. At the same time it can be bad for our joints if we don’t cushion these shocks, which can eventually put us at risk of injury.

Love your sesamoids (not a new kind of biscuit)

sesamoidboneSesamoids absorb the weight placed on the ball of the foot when walking, running, and jumping. they are a small bone at the base of our big toe and receive the majority of the force created by jumping. We use lots of changes of direction involving pivoting, spinning and twisting, therefore any trainer has to be able to respond to this stress and support, accommodate and protect your feet through these directional changes.

What type are you?

Finding the right pair of trainers for you depends on many things:

  • The floor surface

Hardwood (like St Matthew’s) requires a trainer with plenty of cushioning, however if the floor is polished or humidity high, you may require a little more tread than if you are in the Fitness First gym in Pinner, where the floor is well cushioned, but the surface has quite a lot of friction so something with a lower tread would allow your foot to move easier, without risking a twisting injury to your knee. Check your feet and knees are in alignment when working out, never let your knee bend past your foot and always keep your knee aligned with your foot in whichever direction you are moving.

  • Your body

Every foot is different, some are narrow, some are wide, some ankles roll inwards (pronate) and some roll out – where you tend to put more weight and wear on the outside edges of your shoes, rather than putting most of the weight through the centre or ball of your foot. Some people have weak ankles through previous injuries and may require a more supportive trainer upper than others who have a strong and stable foot.  Some shoes have a split sole which have the ball of the foot on a separate sole to the heel to allow more flexibility – again it is a case of trying out to see if this style suits your foot and provides enough support, especially if you have flat feet/fallen arches.

Nike-Free-3-4-and-5-300x196On a personal note, both Davide and I favour the Nike Free Run range shown here. The sole is ultra flexible to allow bending of the foot, it’s wide at the toes and heel to give more stability, the sole comes in different cushioning levels and best of all – the colours are AMAZING! Sadly we don’t get any commission so go with whichever brand suits you!

Time to go shopping and try on as many pairs as you like, in our experience your can never have too many trainers! Come prepared to class – no plimsolls, barefoot or high heels ‘cos we are gonna work that body!

Until next time


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