Sue’s Corner – May

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Sweat – it’s your body oozing awesomeness!

Arrive at class looking beautiful …….and aim to leave looking like you’ve been caught out in the rain! This month’s Sue’s Corner is all about SWEATING your ZWAG

Let Zumba® deliver its powerful workout. Here are a few tips for making sure your body REALLY feels the Zumba effect: just remember to safely work at your own level, if you don’t want to jump try stepping it out, modify the steps to feel comfortable for you and keep moving.

1. Strong arms. Remember to push and pull and punch – make your arm movements really big and work those biceps, triceps and shoulders (just watch out for the person next to you – no black eyes please!)

2. Move up and down. Hit the highs and the lows. Remember our Machetes (the sugar cane chopping movement with a squat) – how low can you go? – keep your chest up and bend safely with your bottom pushing backwards , check your knees, don’t let them go past your toes. All these moves target your glutes (butt) hips and thighs ensuring our bottoms stay firmly lifted!

3. Find your abdominals and lock them in place! Yes – engage your core muscles to support you during your workout, whether you are balancing on one leg – like in our Neon lights warmup , booty shaking or shimmying or you are doing the samba in our new Grita gol song. Zipping up the abdominals will not only protect your back from injury but the hip movements we perform during Zumba® will tone your oblique muscles and trim your waist. Just remember to breathe too 🙂

4. E n e r g y ! Let loose and rock out the moves you know, like no-one is watching. The rest of the class are far too busy trying to work out what happens next! Wiggle those hips in the cumbia candlestick, boujé walk you way to fitness and pump your arms to the beat.

5. And finally, when you FEEL the music and the smile on your face says ‘it’s good to be alive’ the endorphins have kicked in and it’s time to make your way TO THE FRONT. Research shows that performance energy levels drop off the further back you are from the instructor. Soooo if you like hugging the back wall, break free for one or two songs and enjoy the class from a different perspective.

IMG_0255Click on the pic, and before you know it, as you leave the class, you too will be bathed….. in liquid awesomeness.

See you next time!

Sue xx

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